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Daughters of Deborah


The Daughters of Deborah (DOD) Fellowship's purpose is to unify and build-up God's Daughters around the world.

The Body of Christ is called to be ONE and move as ONE! As Believers, we must recognize that A HOUSE DIVIDED CANNOT STAND! Unity in the Body of Christ is critical to showing forth the glory of God in the earth and destroying the works of the enemy. Daughters of Deborah has been called to such a task - to connect the women of God so that the love, wisdom, truth and power of God can be seen in the earth.

DOD is focused on helping women see the God-given greatness within themselves and building them up in wisdom, truth and power. This is accomplished by reaching the unsaved, teaching the saved and allowing the Holy Spirit to equip the saints to be sent into all the world to "win the lost".

This fellowship offers each member opportunities to be spiritual feed/imparted to, grow in the Lord and walk in the power of His Might. It also provides women a chance to connect with Sisters in the Lord around the world.

Get connected with the DOD Fellowship and expect God to move in your life!


Beginning in 2013, the monthly meeting schedule will change from the First Monday of Every Month at 6:30pm to the First Mondays of January and December at 6:30pm.